Northern Ontario Travel Grants

Some Eligibility Criteria Explained

There continues to be some confusion concerning eligibility with the Northern Travel Grants.
The Northern Health Travel Grant is a benefit residents of Northern Ontario receive from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and as a result, this benefit comes with very specific rules.

If you have requested a referral to a specialist who is not the closest specialist of that type, the Ministry of Health’s travel grant policy only pays for travel costs as far as the closest available appropriate specialist. As a result, you will only receive a travel grant for mileage or bus fare as far as the closest specialist.

A Companion Travel Grant may be paid if the patient is under 16 years of age on date of service, or if the referring health care provider deems it is medically necessary that the patient is unable to travel without a companion.

Neither your doctor or nurse practitioner, nor the secretaries, can change this policy.

If you have additional questions concerning eligibility, make sure you read the cover sheet of the Northern Health Travel Grant, or you can call the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care at 1-800-461-4006.

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