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Conflict Resolution

Workplace Conflict Resolution Policy

The Wawa Family Health Team recognizes that from time to time, areas of concern or conflict will occur in the workplace between coworkers, Allied Health Professionals or other individuals. The best outcome is usually a negotiated agreement between the parties.

The Policy

The following procedure sets out a process to resolve the conflict / concern through internal mediation.

  • Initially, all complainants are encouraged to discuss the concern or complaint directly with the person involved. Simply bringing the concern to the other party may resolve the issue.
  • If resolution is not possible, the complainant may submit the complaint, in writing, to the Executive Director, as soon as possible following the incident.
  • The Executive Director will meet with the complainant as soon as possible after receipt of the complaint. The Executive Director will document the nature of the complainant’s concerns, the resolution the complainant is seeking and other information needed to investigate the case.
  • The Executive Director will point out that the best outcome is usually a negotiated agreement between the parties, however, if this is not possible, both parties should be prepared to abide by the decision imposed.
  • The Executive Director, or designate, will need to verify evidence provided by the complainant, and speak to the other party of the conflict. The Executive Director may meet with the parties separately, or together, to find ways to resolve the differences. Ultimately, if no solution can be negotiated between the parties, the Executive Director will respond in writing to the complainant, and recommend a resolution to the conflict.
  • If not satisfied with the decision of the Executive Director, or if the Executive Director is causing the concern, the employee or Allied Health Professional may appeal the decision, in writing, to the Lead Physician.
  • Upon investigating the written appeal, the Lead Physician:
    • Will facilitate, mediate and prepare a recommendation as a resolution to the complainant and the respondent;
    • May find the complaint is without merit, frivolous, trivial, vexatious or made in bad faith and may terminate the process giving reasons for the decision to both the complainant and the respondent;
    • May find the complaint to be of such serious nature that the referral to legal counsel may be necessary for review and action.
  • The decision of the Lead Physician with the concurrence of legal counsel (if obtained), shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors and that decision shall be final and binding on all parties.