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Locum Orientation

Locum Services in Wawa

Thank you for providing locum services in Wawa.

Locum Information & Responsibilities.

Here’s a bit of information about on call and clinic responsibilities.

On call: Runs from 07:00 am-07:00 am. We see patients in the ER in the morning. The ER nurse will generally call you when a patient presents to the ER. In the afternoon from 1pm-4pm we run a walk-in clinic for same day appointments. Should an urgent patient present to the ER in the afternoon, you can cancel or postpone the afternoon walk in clinic.

On the weekends you may see walk-in type patients through the ER as there is no other medical service available to patients on the weekends.

If you need help of any sort when you are on call, please call any of the local physicians and we will come in to assist you. Don’t hesitate to call.

Regular clinics: Clinics are run from 10-12 1-4

Inpatients: We round on inpatients in the morning—anytime between 08:00 and 09:00. The nurses at the nursing station will let you know if you have any inpatients to round on.

Friday Morning Handover Rounds: We all meet at the nursing station at 08:15 every Friday morning to do weekend handover rounds. We use this time to review/discuss the inpatients for the doc on call over the weekend.

Post call clinic: You have a few options for your post call clinic.
(a): 3 hour post call clinic from 09:00-12:00. Paid the full daily HFO rate
(b): 1.5 hour post call clinic from 09:00-10:30. Paid ½ the daily HFO rate
(c): No post call clinic. No pay.

You can let Ruth Davidson (our clinic manager) know what you prefer for your post call clinic.

OB: We no longer have a formal OB program. Should you have a woman unexpectedly arrive in labour, you can call anyone of us in to help you out.

CME: We do group CME every Wednesday morning at 08:15. You are welcome to join. Mike Cotterill arranges the schedule (he can get you the reading info if you are interested in participating).

There is lots of great recreation close by. If you need gear (skis, snowshoes, bikes etc), we can help you get sorted with that.

Thanks again for providing locum services in Wawa. We hope you enjoy your time with us. If you have any feedback with regard to the clinic or ER, please let us know. If you have any nursing feedback, please let Kadean Ogilvie-Pinter at the hospital know.