About the Wawa Family Health Team

About Us

The Wawa Family Health Team is a dynamic group of providers and administrative staff dedicated to providing quality, patient-centred primary care to Wawa and area residents. Through unique and specialized programs and services our team works together to bring best-practice, evidence based care to our patients.

Beautifully located on the shore of Wawa Lake, we work together under one roof in the Lady Dunn Health Centre improving the access for our patients as we are now located with the other health services in our community like laboratory services, the ER, CCAC, Diabetes Education Centre and so much more.

Our collaborative approach to health services has allowed us to expand our service capacity and work side by side; doctors, nurses, social worker, dietitian, Pharmacist, and community Partners all working towards the same goal. To learn more about team visit the information-loaded pages of our website or send us an email at info@WawaFamilyHealthTeam.com