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Cardiac Rehab Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation teaches patients and families about their disease and how to cope with its physical and psychological manifestations.

About Cardiac Rehabilitation

Programs are available to help patients stop smoking, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce emotional stress. Programs are also available to help spouses and family members better accept changes that an acute cardiac event brings.

Most patients return to their usual activities within a few months after a heart attack or surgery. Cardiac Rehabilitation monitors and improves the recovery, increases fitness and reduces the risk of new events. These goals are accomplished through the interdisciplinary efforts of physicians, nurses, dietitians and psychological associates.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Helps You to Improve Your Health by Covering Such Topics As:

  • Reducing the potential of a new heart attack through risk factor modification
  • Recognizing heart disease signs and symptoms and when to seek medical treatment
  • Family-centred recovery from a cardiac event
  • Beginning a personalized exercise program that is effective, safe and appropriate for
  • your health, age and physical ability
  • Understanding your cardiac medications
  • Lowering your cholesterol through good nutrition and physical activity
  • Resuming physical activity at work and leisure
  • Starting a home exercise program and purchasing exercise equipment
  • Preparing for your return to work

For You and Your Physician Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Functions as an interactive communications tool
  • Provides information about your recovery by monitoring vital signs, symptoms and exercise response including the exercise electrocardiogram, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Provides specific guidelines for physical activity
  • Serves as a resource for educational information about heart disease and prevention
  • Provides supervised exercise and education through outpatient programs of the WFHT

Cardiac Rehabilitation begins in the hospital following a heart attack, heart surgery or a cardiac condition that requires close monitoring. In hospital, progression to low level activity and answering patient and family questions is emphasized. Your cardiologist and / or your family physician agree that cardiac rehabilitation is an important part of your recovery, so referral to the program is automatic upon discharge from the hospital.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation at the WFHT / LDHC focuses on education and life, exercise and risk factor management plans guided by patient goals, needs and capabilities. While the emphasis is on aerobic activity, it may also include strengthening and flexibility. The need for continuous monitoring is decided on an individual basis. The program also focuses on family-centred education to improve coronary disease risk factors.

The “Healthier Me Program” is offered by the WFHT. Participants have the opportunity to join and participate in a community program designed especially for those wishing to be as healthy as they can be.
Many patients fully resume their normal activities of work and leisure. Because of improved lifestyle, many patients feel better and may have greater physical capabilities than before their cardiac event.

Starting Exercise in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program…

Class Days and Time
Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 12 noon to 1:00 pm

Education Sessions
(You will be given a schedule)
Please arrive 15 minutes before class time.
You will learn how to monitor your heart rate.
Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. Running, walking or comfortable sport shoes should be worn. Carry your Nitrospray with you while you exercise.