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Wawa Family Health Team Provided COVID-19 Information and Resources

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Wellness Together Canada: Mental Health and Substance Use Support

Coping With Coronavirus

If you can’t stop worrying about COVID-19:

Check out these proven tools for managing anxiety

Try these COVID-19 specific blog posts and meditations

Share your concerns anonymously on this chatroom moderated by trained practitioners

If you need to talk to a professional:

Call your health care provider for a phone appointment

Call the Mental Health Helpline at 1-866-531-2600

Explore Bounce Back Ontario’s website and get connected with free resources

Check out the new federal portal for free access to mental health resources

If you need a dose of optimism:

“The COVID-19 pandemic may be an opportunity to transform the way we live”

Independent magazine reporting on “positive ways communities are responding to social problems and insightful commentary that sparks constructive discourse”

If you need something to help change your mindset:


If you need a good laugh:

People recreating famous paintings with household items

Hilarious and zany (short) fake animal documentaries

If you need to slow down and get mindful:

What is mindfulness? Hint: it’s not about “clearing your mind” and being peaceful all the time.

Ten Percent Happier app has mindfulness meditation videos with a free trial

If you want more ways to give back:

Reach out to your coworkers, friends, or neighbours to support them.

Look into volunteering opportunities – grocery delivery, food bank staffing, etc.

If you can afford it, order online from small/local businesses that are struggling right now (St Joseph’s Island Coffee, restaurants in town, etc.)

Find more resources like these, and share them with friends!

If you need to move your body and get the stress energy out:

A bunch of (mostly free) online at-home gym routines and videos

For those who practice yoga, or would like to start:

Yoga With Adriene (down-to-earth and fun practice that is always free) –

Down Dog is free until July 1st –

Ekhart has 12 free sessions designed for COVID-related stress –

Fitbit Premium is currently free for 90 days

Peloton has free exercise classes for 90 days

Fun, hilarious, and relatively easy to follow cardio dance workouts (always free)

If you’re tired of the same old recipes or are running low on groceries:

Supercook – you can make an account, log the items in your pantry/fridge/freezer (which honestly takes maybe 3 minutes), and the app/website will give you a gazillion recipes you can make with those items alone!

Reducetarian recipe catalogue – if you’re not vegetarian but are looking to explore more balanced meals with meat alternatives and reduce your environment impact!

Budget Bytes has many recipes and includes what it would cost you to make it!

If you’re looking for some group socialization opportunities:

Choir Choir Choir – virtual group singalongs!

Find some virtual trivia nights such as this one

Music classes hosted by the Arkells’ lead singer on Instagram

If you’re looking for fun new ways to connect with friends:

House Party app has built in games you can play with friends

Zoom for videochatting with friends

Download Jackbox Games or Drawful and play with friends while videochatting

Mail someone a letter!

Here is a guide about proven ways to improve your sleep quality

Calm app has meditations to help you relax at bedtime

Where is the Assessment Centre in Wawa?
The Assessment Centre is located the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre at 3 Chris Simon Drive, Wawa.

I have been swabbed? Where do I get my results?
All positive swab results will be communicated to you by the Public Health Unit.  Negative results will not necessarily be communicated, due to volume. Ontario has launched a self-service portal for patient results, which is available here ( ). You will need your health card to access your result. Current wait time for processing results is between 2-7 days, although the province is hoping this time will decrease as capacity improves. Until your results are reported, it is essential that you continue with self-isolation steps as advised.

Can I get my prescription refilled?
Yes, call your pharmacy and ask them. They will contact your health care provider who will then provide the refill.

Please note, there is a 30 day maximum on refills.

I have an OTN (video) appointment with my specialist at your office. What do I do?
Contact your specialist. If requested by them, the Lady Dunn Health Centre may be able to accommodate this appointment.

I need my regular injection medication. What do I do?
The following injection medications can be given at our clinic:

  • testosterone injections
  • B12 injections
  • depo-provera injections
  • If you are on an injection medication that is not listed above please call us for instructions.

What if I need blood work?
Call us. We will check to see if your blood work needs to be done now, or if it can wait.

My baby / child is due for their shots (immunizations). What do I do?
If your baby is due for their routine immunizations, they can be seen in-person with a pre-booked appointment.

My baby/child has a rash, possible ear infection, or cold. What do I do?
Call us. A nurse will speak with you over the phone, and consult with a doctor as needed. If a doctor needs to see you, they will, or they may direct you elsewhere. They may also phone in a prescription to your pharmacy.

I have a cough/cold. What do I do?
Stay home. Self-monitor. Visit the Public Health unit website and/or follow the 2019 self-assessment tool for guidance

What is the difference between self-monitoring, self-isolation for COVID-19?
Review handout here

I think I have a bladder infection. What do I do?
Call us and we will take care of you by phone.

I am concerned about privacy/confidentiality during my phone visit. What should I do?
Please review the disclaimer here OMA and OTN Disclaimer

What is the difference between Social Isolation and Physical Distancing?
Social Isolation

Physical Distancing

I am stressed and anxious. What resources are available?
List of resources can be found under the Mental Health tab on this page

What is the situation across the world?
COVID 19 –  World Meter

COVID 19 –  John Hopkins World Meter

COVID 19 – Canadian Meter

I have more questions. What do I do?
Please call us and we will direct you appropriately. You may also call the Algoma Public Health Unit (705-759 -5404) or Telehealth (1 866-797-0000) for direction.

All visitors will be screened at the main entrance of the Lady Dunn Health Centre.

Please park in the parking lot and do not block the emergency access in front of the Hospital.

As we continue to navigate this uncertain period, we want to reassure you that your health is still our priority and we are doing our best to arrange care for your essential medical needs

Currently Booked Appointments: When patients call for appointments, staff will inform patients that their Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Worker, Dietitian will provide a telephone appointment.

New Appointments: Patients will be offered a telephone appointment until further notice.

Things that CANNOT be seen, in person, at the clinic (Non-essential services) include, but are not limited to:

  • Routine check ups
  • Preventative care, including paps, physicals elective consults
  • Routine follow-ups (e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes)
  • Forms (e.g., Driver’s license)
  • Mental Health Programs (still available by phone)
  • Smoking cessation

Things that CAN be seen, in person, at the clinic (Essential services) include, but are not limited to:

  • Pregnant patients
  • New baby weights
  • immunizations
  • IUDs, case by case basis
  • Treatment room Procedures
    • testosterone injections
    • depo-provera injections
    • B12
    • INR testing
    • suture/staple removal

In person visits that CAN be seen, will be for high-risk patients ONLY. These patients may be elderly (over the age of 65) or be otherwise vulnerable (i.e., have immunocompromise or complex medical comorbidities). If you are one of these patients, please call us to book your Treatment Room Procedure/Service listed above. Other high-risk patients may be contacted directly by our offices.

In person visits that CAN be seen, will be for patients as deemed clinically necessary by each specific health care provider.
OMA Disclaimer